About Us

CALLER - Shenagh Govan,
is a professionally-trained actress
and so doesn't really need a head mic
but likes to wear it cos she wants to look like Madonna!

Clare Shaw is a music therapist
in the hours of daylight. By night though... she sings just a bit brilliantly.

GUITAR - Gordon McEwan is our most Celtic member and has been playing a mean guitar for a variety of local line ups for over twenty years now.

BANJO/MANDOLIN - Nev Watchurst has been annoying his neighbours for many years by practising his banjo and so they are delighted for him to be getting out of an evening.

CELLO - Rachel Darnley-Smith is another professionally-trained musician and a music therapist.
We like to think the addition of a cello brings something Thomas Hardyesque to the band's sound!  

Put all of the above 
through our own high quality PA
and you're set up for the evening.